E/MSR Maintenance

The supervision of your E & I and heating plants are in good hands at BARTEC BENKE. We develop maintenance and service plans with you. Our competent specialized staff is available for rotational inspections and maintenance. You can also count on us in case of needs, round the clock if it should be necessary.

  • Maintenance
  • Operational reliability
  • Periodic checks
  • Safety service
  • Plant optimization
  • Specialist seminars/training

Our activities include in detail:

Service and maintenance of:

  • Electric installations
  • Electrical heating
  • E & I plants
  • Analyzers and Analyzer Systems (hotline, calibration, training, updates, maintenance, spare parts)
  • Periodic and recurrent enquiries (safety reliability ordinance)
  • Precautionary inspections
  • Service in case of plant breakpoints
  • Service for commissioning
  • Development of maintenance and repair plans
  • Storage and analysis of all maintenance and repair activities


We perceive seminars, in-house trainings and workouts of your employees on site as a partition of our responsibility against our clients.