Anti-condensation Motor Heater MSHex

27-1776-. ..000..


  • Silicone-free
  • Self-limiting
  • Other length on request


Ex II 2G Ex e IIC 200 °C (T2), T3 Gb

Ambient temperature

switched on (energised) -40 °C up to +120 °C
switched off -40 °C up to +170 °C


IECEx KEM 09.0082
IEE 11.0276


This flexible heating cable is used in explosive atmospheres to heat electric motors and generators at standstill. It provides reliable protection against corrosion damage and the associated mechanical breakdowns because it effectively prevents condensation from forming, even under extreme conditions.

The heater is supplied ready to connect, which is done via an M20 screwed cable connection fed into an Ex e distributor, or is directly clamped to terminals in an Ex room without a screwed connection.

As these heating cables are self-limiting, overheating is prevented, even if they are laid on top of each other. An additional temperature limiter is not required.

Structure of the heating cable

  • Copper power conductor wire 1.2 mm², nickel-plated
  • Self-limiting plastic heating element
  • Insulation sleeve made of FEP
  • Tin-plated copper braiding
  • Protective sleeve made of FEP

Technical data *

Dimensions Size of heating cable diameter: 10.2 mm x 4.8 mm
Bending radius: ≥ 25 mm
Heat output 12 W, 24 W, 48 W and 96 W (at 10 °C)
at a specific heating output of 45 W/m
Voltage Nominal voltage: 208 V to 254 V or 110 V to 120 V
Insulation testing: AC 1500 V for 1 minute
Connection Terminal wires with FEP isolation
fine-stranded with tin-plated copper wires 1.5 mm²,
green and yellow protective earth conductor 2.5 mm²

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - Anti-condensation Motor Heater MSHex

Operating manual HSB anti condensation heating Type 27-177.-..../....