p Operator Panel



  • Optional expansion p control system
  • Plain text display
  • Visual pressure information via LED
  • Menu operation
  • Status screens
  • Three versions: Front panel mounting, front panel installation, or mobile use


Directive 2014/30/EU
Directive 2014/34/EU

Ambient temperature

In storage
-25 °C to +60 °C
During operation
-20 °C to +50 °C


BVS 19 ATEX E 017 X
IECEx BVS 19.0037X


The p Operator panel is designed for optional use with the new generation of Ex p control systems. It displays and visualises system-specific pressures, and displays parameters, plain text messages and system statuses. The p operator panel can be directly connected to the Ex p control unit, which supplies it with the required intrinsically safe voltage. Three versions of the p operator panel are available:
Version I – Mobile unit
The mobile unit is equipped with an Ex-protected plug connector. When using multiple Ex p control units, in order to carry out maintenance, the mobile unit can be connected to the Ex p control unit and removed again once the work is complete. The flanged socket required is securely installed on the control unit and is enclosed when the shipment is first ordered.
Version II – Front panel mounting
The front panel mounting version is secured to doors or adjacent walls, for example, using the mounting brackets fitted to the protective housing. The connection between the p operator panel and Ex p control system can be 2 m long.
Version III – Front panel installation
The front panel installation version has no protective housing and can be installed directly in the door of the p-protected equipment, for example.

Technical data *

Protection class IP 65 according to EN/IEC 60529
Material V4A stainless steel (variant)
Weight Approx. 2.5 kg (depending on the version)

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - p Operator Panel

Declaration of Conformity 11-51P5-7C0001