Flameproof Enclosures



  • Flexible product range with several standard sizes
  • Ingress protection to meet harsh environment with IP66 as standard
  • Suitable for demanding environments
  • Several cable entry possibilities
  • May be used with an Ex e/i connection box
  • Window in front may be fitted, as well as a dome for some of the sizes
  • High operational reliability and reduced lifetime maintenance costs


empty enclosure:
Ex II 2 G, Ex d/de IIC
complete enclosure:
Ex II 2 G / D, Ex d/de IIC
Option: Ex dem ia/ib [opis] T6-T4


EN/IEC: 60079-0, 60079-1, 60079-7, EN 50281

Ambient temperature

Various, max: -50 °C to +60 °C


TÜV 12 ATEX 101150
IECEx TUN 12.0013U
DNV-2003-OSL-ATEX-0436-U (Empty enclosure)
DNV-2004-OSL-ATEX-0115 (Complete enclosure)


BARTEC TECHNOR’s cylindrical Ex d/de certified enclosures, manufactured in stainless steel 316L/CF-3M, are more cost efficient than traditional Ex d enclosures. The design makes the unit easy to install and use, and also allows for simple solutions within numerous different applications. The enclosures can be delivered empty with U-component certificate or supplied fully assembled according to clients demands.


The TNXCD range of enclosures are designed to meet the harsh environments of the North Sea, and are ideal for Petrochemical and Marine applications as well as for all kind of industry where an explosive atmosphere may be present.

Technical data *

Protection class IP66 (IP67 and IP68 upon request)
Material Stainless steel 316L/CF-3M
Connection Ex e glands and Ex d bushings, or Ex d glands only
Gland Size Ex e: M25
Gland Size Ex d: According to specification
Bushings Ex d: Max M42, number and core size acc. to spec.

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - Flameproof Enclosures

Declaration of Conformity TEC-16-ATEX-TNXCC-DOC-01

Written Attestation of Conformity TEC-16-ATEX-TNXCD-01

Customer Requirements EX d Enclosure

User Manual TNXCD-AD DNV

User Manual TNXCD-AD TUV