Flameproof enclosures EJB Ex d IIB+H2

Aluminium & Stainless steel



Ex II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T6 / T3 Gb
Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80°C / T130°C Db
Ex II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T6 / T3 Gb
Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80°C / T130°C Db


EN-IEC 60079-0,-1

Ambient temperature

-20 °C to +40 °C standard
-40 °C to +55 °C optional
-55 °C to +80 °C maximum for some applications


IECEx DEK 13.0075
CESI 02 ATEX 097


Flameproof enclosures BARTEC B or EJB series are designed to be installed in industrial plants, where potential hazardous atmos-pheres occur. These areas are either classified as zone 1 and 2 or as zone 21 and 22. These enclosures are designed to contain regular industrial electrical components or equipment on the mounting plate like fuses, transformers, circuit breakers, relays, PLC etc. and to be fully integrated in the hazardous area as control- or distribution panel.

Technical data *

Protection class max. IP 66
Material Enclosure material:
Copper free aluminium alloy (< 0.1% copper) Stainless steel AISI 316L

Surface treatment:
External powder type
painted RAL9006 (cast aluminium version)
unpainted (stainless steel version)

Internal anti-condense painting
RAL 2004 (optional)

Enclosure lid:
Bolts in stainless steel SS304 for aluminium
and SS316 for stainless steel enclosures

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


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