Line bushings with terminals



  • Space-saving construction as many single cores are gathered in one single sleeve thus requiring only one cable entry hole
  • As all 6 cores are brought out, direct Y-/\– switching. Is also possible on the motor terminal board of Ex d motors
  • Motor mains and thermoprotection cables can be exited in one common sleeve
  • Numbered cores simplify connections and eliminate the usual “Ring out“ in larger control systems
  • On the EEx d side, the cores are connected directly to the electrical load, intermediate terminals are no longer necessary
  • Small dimensions allow a rated insulation voltage of up to 3 kV
  • Blue cores for EEx i low power circuits
  • Permanent heat-resistance of the cores up to +125 °C


Ex II 2G Ex d e IIC Gb
Ex I M2 Ex d e I Mb
Ex d e IIC Gb
Ex d e I Mb

Ambient temperature

-60 °C to +110 °C
depending on the design, terminals and lead (temperature ranges apply to the “permanent installation“ of the leads)


EPS 14 ATEX 1644 U
IECEx EPS 14.0020U
TC RU C-DE.GB06.B.00504


A line bushing is a component for the electrical connection between a flameproof “d“ enclosure and an increased safety “e“ terminal box. The bushing consists of a threaded or non-threaded metal sleeve encapsulating one or more cores providing a flameproof barrier. The lengths of these leads vary according to their applications. The depth of engagement of the threaded sleeves and the joint length of the cylindrical sleeve in the wall of the “d“ enclosure must correspond to the EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-1 standards. After installation the bushing must be protected against rotation and accidental loosening. Recommendations are given under “Accessories“. Our standard bushings come with threaded sleeves from M10 to M48 or with cylindrical sleeves. They are equipped with cores with a 0.2 to 95 mm2 csa. and approved for nominal voltages between 250 V and 3 000 V. See also table “Electrical data“.

For the connection of intrinsically safe circuits in the “d“ area with the terminal strip in the connection compartment we provide line bushings with blue cores for “i“ low power circuits.

Technical data *

Dimensions see data sheet
Voltage Nominal voltage: 690 V/1 000 V
Current see data sheet
Connection Number of terminals: 4 or 6 (depending on the cross-section)
Cross-section: 0.75 mm²/1.5 mm²/2.5 mm²/4 mm²/6 mm²
Sleeve size: metric: M24 x 1.5 to M42 x 1.5
non-threaded: ∅ 22 mm to ∅ 36 mm
Sleeve material: metal, bare, varnished or galvanised

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


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