Flameproof Enclosures


Ambient temperature

-40 °C to +110 °C


The TNDLDE range of line bushings are designed as components for use in all Ex de enclosures to pass connection between the Ex d and Ex e compartment in combination Ex de enclosures.

The TNDLDE is designed to accommodate coaxial cables such as RG179 (50 Ohm) or can be manufactured to order for custom or hybrid bushing requirements.

Technical data *

Material Centre conductor: Copper Ø 2.25 mm
Dielectric: REX (Polyethylene cross-linked) Ø 7.25 mm
Outer conductor: Copper, Silver plated, braid, 95%, Ø 8.15 mm
Jacket: RADOX (LSFH), RAL 9005 – bk 10.3 mm ±0.1
Print: HUBER+SUHNER GX 07272 50W (PA no.)
Weight 16.1 kg/100 m
Voltage Max. operating voltage: 5 kVrms (at sea level)
Test voltage: 10 kVrms (50Hz/1 min)
Resistance Insulation resistance >1 x 108MΩm
Frequency Max. Operating frequency: 2 GHz

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - Flameproof Enclosures

Declaration of Conformity TEC-16-ATEX-TNDLD-01-A