Electrode line bushing explosion-proof and pressure-sealed



Ex II 2G Ex d II
Ex I M2 Ex d I

Ambient temperature

Working temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C or +110 °C
depending on the core wire used


PTB 02 ATEX 1061 U
FM J.I. 1Q5A5.AE


Waste water pumps can be fully submergible units. The pump assembly and motor are often separated from each other by an oil fore-chamber sealed by mechanical seals. Any leaks in the shaft seals need to be registered in order to prevent malfunctions or failure of the motor and to arrange for inspections in good time.

BARTEC’s electrode line bushings Ex + sealed allow signals to be reliably transmitted through the walls of pressure-proof enclosed operating equipment, even in areas in which an explosion hazard exists. Only electrical circuits certified as intrinsically safe may be connected to the electrode line bushing.

Technical data *

Dimensions see data sheet
Material Sleeve: Brass nickel-plated or stainless steel
Gauge: Brass or stainless steel
Thread: M10 x 1; M12 x 1; M16 x 1.5 (others on request)
Pressure on the Ex e side ≤ 6 bar
Voltage ≤ 30 V
Current < 1 A
Connection Cable wires 0.5 to 1.5 mm²

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - Electrode line bushing explosion-proof and pressure-sealed

Customer requirements - Cable entries/line bushings