Cable entries



  • Ex e terminal boxes are
    dispensed with
  • Suitable for cables with
    1 to max. 25 cores
  • Sleeves from M 16 x 1.5 to M 48 x 1.5
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • The cores are connected directly to the electrical load at the Ex d side, intermediate terminal positions are dispensed with
  • Rated insulation voltage of up to
    1000 V for small dimensions
  • Permanent heat resistance
    up to +110°C


Cable entry screwable:
Ex II 2G Ex d IIC T6 – T4 Gb
Ex d IIC T6 bis T4 Gb
Cable entry pluggable:
Ex II 2G Ex d IIC Gb
Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db
Ex d IIC Gb
Ex tb IIIC Db IP 6X


EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1, EN 60079-31

Ambient temperature

Working temperature: -60 °C to +110 °C
depending on the lead used (temperature ranges apply to “fixed installation“ of leads)
Ambient temperature depending on the design and the leads


PTB 97 ATEX 1079 X
PTB 03 ATEX 1197 U
IECEx PTB 13.0050U
IECEx PTB 13.0051X
TC RU C-DE.GB06.B.00504


Flameproof Ex d cable entries are elements which allow electrical cables to be introduced into an Ex d enclosure, without danger of explosion. The additional Ex e terminal housing is not required. A main distribution box may by used or the connections can be made outside the Ex-zone. The cable entry consists of a threaded metal sleeve, in which a sheathed cable is anchored and encapsulated. The individual cores are then connected directly inside the flameproof enclosure. The length of cores and cables are customer-tailored. All cables come with standard green-yellow earth leads. The length of engaged thread between the sleeve and the flameproof “d“ enclosure must comply with DIN EN 60079-0: 2006 and DIN EN 60079-1.

Technical data *

Dimensions see data sheet
Installation screwable, pluggable
Sleeve size: metric: M24 x 1.5 to M48 x 1.5
non-threaded: ∅ 22 mm to ∅ 36 mm
Sleeve material: Metal, bare, varnished or galvanised
Voltage Rated voltage: 300 V/500 V/750 V/1000 V
Current 6 A to 488 A (see data sheet)
Connection Cores depending on the working temperature and voltage
– Ölflex® 100, Ölflex® 110
– HO7RN-F, Ozoflex-Plus
– radiation cross-linked polyolefin copolymer
max. number of cores in shielded cable:
– threaded: 25 cores
– non-threaded: 47 cores
Cross-section: 0.25 mm² to 150 mm²

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - Cable entries

Customer requirements - Cable entries/line bushings

Operational Instruction Cable entries Type 07-925.-..../.... to 07-929.-..../....

Operational Instruction Cable Entry Type 07-92..-..../.U.. and 07-92..-..../.D..

Operational Instruction Cable Entry Type 07-920.-..../.... to 07-924.-..../....