Bushing explosion-proof and pressure-sealed



Ex II 1/II 2G Ex d + e/d IIC Ga/Gb
Ex I M1 Ex d + e I Ma
Ex d + e/d IIC Ga/Gb
Ex d + e I Ma

Ambient temperature

Temperature at rated operation:
-55 °C to +150 °C (with potting)
-55 °C to +200 °C (without potting)
depending on the lead used and type of sealing


IECEx CML 14.0003U
PTB 00 ATEX 1116 U
TC RU C-DE.GB06.B.00504


The 07-96..-.. type series II 1G line bushing serves as a gas diffusion-proof isolation element for zone 0 (1G/2G) while simultaneously providing an electric connection for leads:

  • between flameproof enclosures
  • between flameproof enclosures and enclosures with another approved type of protection Category II 2 G
  • flameproof enclosures and protected installations Category II 3 G or
  • in the safe area

The core piece of this gas diffusion-proof leadthrough is a metal plate in which the stud-type bushings are insulated with glass. The electrical connection on both sides of the lead-through can be set forth with metal duct bolts, cable wires or hose lines as required. This connecting area is, or can additionally be, cast with a poured resin. The connector studs, connecting wires or the hose line of the line bushing II 1G must be connected in enclosures which conform to a type of protection standardised according to DIN EN 60079-0. The lead-through is compliant with the pertinent DIN EN 60079-0, DIN EN 60079-1 and DIN EN 60079-7 and DIN EN 60079-26 standards.

Technical data *

Protection class IEC 60529/EN 60529
without encapsulating IP 00
Material Sleeve: metal
Insulator: glass
Pour: EP resin, PU resin
Bushing bolt: FeNi alloy steel, Niro steel
Pressure -500 mbar to +400 bar depending on the design
Installation Diameter flansch: Ø 10 mm to 250 mm
Thread size: M10 x 1 to M72 x 2
Voltage ≤ AC 50 V/DC 75 V, 250 V, 690 V, 1 000 V
Current up to 500 A
Connection Core wires: 0.25 mm² to 16 mm²
Threaded bolts: M3 to M30
(max. quantity of connections: 99)

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - Bushing explosion-proof and pressure-sealed

Declaration of Conformity 01-9600-7C0002

Customer requirements - Cable entries/line bushings

Operational Instruction Line Bushing explosion-proof and pressuresealed Type 07-96..-..../....