HART Add-On Module for Agile X tablet PC

for non-Ex areas with intrinsically safe outputs



  • Configure, set parameters, read out and measure HART devices in the Ex area
  • Extension for the Agile X
  • Available driver software makes it simple to install and set up
  • Connection to HART loop as secondary master
  • Hardware supports network diagnosis


Ex II (2)G [ia Ga] IIC
[Ex ia] IIC Ga
Use with intrinsically safe outputs in non-Ex areas

Ambient temperature

-20 °C to +60 °C


EPS 15 ATEX 1 069 X
IECEx EPS 15.0065X
CSA 70045374

Product Video


The intrinsically safe combination of the Agile X tablet PC system and the newly developed HART Add-On Module makes it possible to perform diagnostics, set parameters and manage field devices much more quickly and efficiently.

Previously considerable time and effort was needed to diagnose problems and set the parameters on field devices. It was necessary to equip a laptop with a separate HART modem, but this was not allowed to be used simultaneously in an Ex area and non-Ex area. Use in the Ex area required a fire certificate with complicated approval procedure. The HART modem is used as an add-on module for the Agile X tablet PC system in its extension interface. Since the user is now able to switch safely between the Ex and non-Ex area, only one device is then needed for the wireless uploading or adjusting of the field devices distributed there, completely independently of the control system. The usual software solutions on the market may also be used on the Windows-based Agile X. Communication using the industrial standard FDT/DTM is therefore also possible.


Data Sheet - HART Add-On Module for Agile X IS tablet PC, HART Add-On Module for Agile X tablet PC, HART Add-On Module for Agile X tablet PC,

Declaration of Conformity 11-A1Z0-7C0001

Installation Instruction - HART Add-On Module

Brochure - Agile X with HART Communication