BMS-Graf-pro 6 Visualization Software



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The BMS-Graf-pro software package is a very convenient tool for the generation of process representations. Individual images and projects are created on the PC and stored in the POLARIS Panel PC, POLARIS Control. The programme ensures that the single images use only a very small amount of memory space. This allows the storage of over 100 images. The well established and highly reliable functions of the BMS Graf are still available for example: input and output fields, bar graphs and vector graphics. All existing project can be integrated within the new software. The completely new WINDOWS based platform is suitable for most popular versions of WINDOWS NT, WIN 2000 and XP. With the selection of the correct protocol driver (please refer to table) connections to various PLC systems are possible. BARTEC is continuously increasing the number of protocols available.


Data Sheet - BMS-Graf-pro 6 Visualization Software