PROFIBUS-Interface 16 NAMUR in (16 x digital in Ex i)



  • 16 channels
  • LED display
  • for NAMUR sensors
    DIN EN 60947-5-6
  • for mechanical contact
  • galvanic isolation
  • group error messages
  • Ex ia/ib
  • Cable monitoring (can be disabled)
  • Programmable address on front panel


Ex II 2(1)G Ex db e [ia Ga] IIC Gb
Ex I M2 Ex db e [ia Ma] I Mb
Ex db e [ia Ga] IIC Gb
Ex db e [ia Ma] I Mb
Class I, Zone 1, IIC
A/Ex d e [ia] IIC Gb


Directive 2004/108/EC
Directive 94/9/EC
RoHS 2011/65/EU

Ambient temperature

-25 °C to +60 °C at T4


PTB 97 ATEX 1066 U
TÜV 98 ATEX 1355 X (Module)
IECEx PTB 11.0082U
IECEx TUN 11.0024X
CSA 2484303
TC RU C-DE.BH02.B.00005
UL-BR 13.0397U
UL-BR 13.0677X


In the Ex i version, the MODEX Ex i digital in module with 16 digital inputs enables 16 binary signals to be evaluated. For example, NAMUR sensors, optocouplers, mechanical contacts or other actuating elements can be imported as signals in an intrinsically safe manner. The module is connected to the process control system via the PROFIBUS-DP. This is also displayed on the module itself using LEDs. Diagnostics data indicating the status of the outputs with respect to a disconnection or short-circuit can also be transmitted in addition to the user data. This is also displayed on the module itself using LEDs.

Technical data *

Protection class Module: IP 66 EN/IEC 60529
Terminals: IP 20 EN/IEC 60529
Terminals with cover: IP 30 EN/IEC 60529
Structure Flameproof, clip-on enclosure for TH 35 rail
Dimensions see data sheet
Material High-quality thermoplastic
Storage temperature -40 °C to +60 °C
Weight 2.1 kg
Display Status
Inputs 16 x LEDs
LED yellow, damped
LED red, open/short circuit
Voltage Supply voltage (L+, L-): DC 24 V (20 to 30 V)
Power dissipation 5.1 W (Module)
at 16 closed inputs
Galvanic isolation Power supply//bus//circuitry//inputs
Connection 2.5 mm², fine stranded

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Data Sheet - PROFIBUS-Interface 16 NAMUR in (16 x digital in Ex i)

Declaration of Conformity 01-7331-7C0014

Declaration of Conformity 01-7331-7C0029