Structures & Buildings Monitoring System



  • IP67 compact unit containing tri-axial MEMS sensor, digital recorder, battery and communications
  • No need of periodic calibration
  • Digital interconnection through Fiber Optics or Ethernet copper type cable with minimal noise
  • Common timing and common triggering
  • Automatic alerting and self-test
  • Remote control and data retrieval
  • VIEW2002 comprehensive analysis software


SYSCOM MR3000SB Structures & Buildings Monitoring System provides a complete strong-motion and vibration monitoring network inside a building. The system can be used not only for earthquake monitoring, but also to evaluate structural damage and human comfort in case of construction sites close to the building.

Typical installations include a daisy chain network of three or more stations at the foundation, middle and top floor of the building, in compliance with most of the international standards.


Data Sheet - MR3000SB

Use Case - Strong Motion Monitoring