Dam Monitoring System



  • IP66 compact unit containing tri-axial MEMS sensor, digital recorder, battery and communications
  • No need of periodic calibration
  • Internal terminals as junction box, AC/DC & Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Removable memory SD Card
  • Up to 32 MR3000DMS in an Ethernet master-slave configuration network with common triggering and alarming
  • Embedded Web Server for the configuration
  • Fiber optics (FO) for long distances and highly reliable data stream
  • Event recording principle with multiple level triggers
  • Three configurable output relays for dam control monitoring system integration
  • DDNS, OpenVPN, FTP push network capabilities
  • Automatic sending of E-Mail in case of event


SYSCOM MR3000DMS seismic monitoring system is the most compact, integrated and reliable system for dams, ensuring highest level of safety and sustainability. Automatic earthquake detection and structural monitoring will ensure the full integrity of the dam over its lifetime.

MR3000DMS is extremely versatile and easy to install, thanks to its state of the art Ethernet master-slave connectivity and the command & control access through embedded web server.

Three relays output (alarm 1, alarm 2 and device error) can be directly connected to the dam control room for a centralized overview and an automatic logic response in case of any seismic event that might occur.


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