Blasting Monitoring System



  • Vibration and air pressure acquisition (4 channels) with band-pass filter from 2 to 250 Hz
  • External triaxial velocity sensor MS2003BLA with extended measuring range ±250 mm/s (±10 in/s)
  • High pressure microphone from 2 to 2000 Hz, up to 150 dB(L)
  • Heavy duty IP66 Peli Box
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Embedded 3G module
  • Long-life internal battery
  • Compatibility with SCS (Syscom Cloud Software) for automatic blast event reporting


RI 8507 & OSM Regulation (USA)
AS 2187-2 (Australia)
DIN 4150-3 (Germany)
BS 7385-2 (UK)
Arrêté du 1994 (France)
UNE 22-381 (Spain)


The MR3000BLA is a new high-end instrument dedicated to the monitoring of explosion-induced vibrations. The MR3000BLA is an all-in-one autonomous motion recorder integrated in a rugged housing for field measurements. The three channels for vibration and the channel for air overpressure make it perfect for a complete blasting monitoring.

The MR3000BLA linked with the SCS (Syscom Cloud Software) offers a near real-time reporting solution with graphical norm comparison.

The MR3000BLA is equipped with an internal 3G module for wireless data transfer.


Data Sheet - MR3000BLA