Milk collection systems

BARTEC BENKE has been actively involved in milk volume measurement for many years. We are firmly established on the market thanks to our versatile and flexible solutions. Our ultrasampler system for taking representative samples has been constantly further developed in recent years: our own in-house development department enables us to consistently keep our products at the latest standard so that we are very well equipped to deal with all requirements.

MAK 3003 has been in successful use in many milk collection trucks around the world for some years now. Based on the many years of experience, we meet the current challenges with the successor to the MAK 3002 generation.

With its TIGER measuring system, BARTEC BENKE had taken the step to the complete system and is able to measure the air volume in the milk during collection. This method facilitates higher pump speeds with little stress to the milk.

The LYNX system has also been developed to be equipped for all eventualities. This is an impeller-pump-driven milk collection system which has been designed especially for difficult conditions. For poor roads and small collected volumes, the LYNX system combines a tough design with cutting edge technology.

MAK 3003, combined with TIGER or LYNX, stationary or with external systems, always the right choice to be equipped for the future.