Fast, Precise and Lightweight

As we all know, time is money. The dairy industry is no exception. Anton Fichter has saved one hour every day since he has been on the go with the TIGER system by BARTEC BENKE for measuring and analyzing milk. Although he is touring one of Germany’s most scenic regions for Privatmolkerei Bauer in Wasserburg am Inn, one of Germany’s leading producers of yogurt and cheese, he often lacks the time to enjoy the scenery. The customers are waiting. Up to 14.5 metric tons (16 short tons) of milk are traveling from the producer to the dairy every day. He cannot just go home and relax. But he is happy that he can go home an hour earlier now.

Herr Fichter was among the very first truck operators using a milk collecting vehicle with the new system for measuring and sampling milk by BARTEC BENKE. The customers’ specifications for the system were quickly and very precisely laid out at the beginning of development: it was to be fast, precise and lightweight. From start to finish, the measurement of density and quantity was to be stable. Requested by dairies, truck operators and producers, TIGER represents the most recent generation of measuring technology in milk collecting vehicles.

“In the development process, it was our particular interest to offer a stable solution that would, on location and every day, meet the expectations of farmers, dairies and truck operators with respect to measurement and sampling,” says Lutz Reiprich, director of the food division at BARTEC BENKE. Truck operators, drivers of milk vehicles, farmers and dairy experts have participated in the development of the complete package. No fewer than 26 engineers at BARTEC BENKE are currently busy making sure the requirement continues to be met in the future.

The additonal weight reduction compared to other systems was a winning selling point for Privatmolkerei Bauer. At a weight of less than 200 kilograms (440 pounds), it is the lightest system of its kind in the market. TIGER is compact, and it does without a gas separator. This means savings in fuel consumption and increases the possible milk payload once more. The self-adapting TIGER system automatically adapts to the conditions of tanks and hoses at the farm. The milk is collected and delivered efficiently and gently. Samples are drawn simultaneously with suctioning the milk, and there are no inhibiting elements on the suction side. “In short, I am in and out in no time flat,” confirms Anton Fichter. GPRS, remote diagnosis and remote updates to our TIGER system are matters of course.

In addition, the system’s measuring precision is very high over the range from 100 liters (26.4 gallons) to 1,350 liters (357 gallons) per minute. The sensor for detecting air bubbles developed for this purpose operates without air separation technology and serves primarily for metrologically precise online detection of undissolved air content when receiving the milk. The response time at detection air bubbles is within the range of milliseconds. Due to its high resolution and measuring procedure, the sensor can be used directly for controlling the intake pump. The system complies with all legal mandates and directives of the food industry for measuring and handling food. It is MID certified and completely available in 3-inch stainless steel.

As Lutz Reiprich, director of the food division at BARTEC BENKE, describes, “We were happy to see the dedication our employees and customers displayed working side by side to bring the TIGER system to the market. To push ahead development under the watchful eyes of truck operators, dairies and producers was a unique experience. The real-world relevance communicated by the customers has helped us immensely to make this system practical in everyday operation. Delivery of constant measurements of density and quantity was the requirement on top of the list.

In the detection of quantities, the economically common denominator in the logistics of receiving milk, the milk TIGER consistently takes the next step. “From the beginning, we were aware of the responsibility to be precise.” Dispensing with an air separating system not only results in drastic weight reduction but also yields excellent measuring results by measuring the volume of the underlying air content. The BARTEC BENKE TIGER system subtracts these values from the total. Thus, the quantity measurement is based on milk and not on air. A fair deal.

An overview of the system’s advantages:

  • From start to finish, stable measurement of density and quantity in day-to-day business
  • Compact design of reduced weight (200 kg / 440 lb), no air separator, hence savings in weight and higher milk payload possible
  • Minimum intake quantity of 100 L (26.4 gal)
  • Optimized suction capability across the complete suction range
  • Simultaneous sampling
  • Gentle treatment of milk
  • Fully electronic
  • No inhibiting element on the suction sidee
  • Possibility of remote diagnosis and remote updates
  • Easy operation combined with highest performance