Petrol Station Delivery

New standards for transporting fuel – PETRO 3003 VOLUTANK, SAFE, SPDS

With PETRO 3003, BARTEC BENKE sets new standards for transporting fuel to the fuel station. Whether you need to supervise the transport and want to know the amount of fuel loaded and/or delivered at any time, or want to improve productivity and logistics PETRO 3003 Volutank systems are the right choice for you.

Bartec Benke PETRO 3003 Volutank is the only full electronic volumetric level measurement system using electronic dipsticks. It measures continuously the fuel volume day and night, at loading, on the road, during parking position and at delivery.

PETRO 3003 Volutank is ATEX certified. It is approved and certified by national weight & measurement authorities across the globe.

The accuracy of the metered values remains stable throughout the life time. There is no wear out.

The PETRO 3003 Volutank system can easily be extended with:

  • Sealed parcel delivery “SPD” (EN 15208)
  • Cross over prevention “SAFE” (EN 14116)
  • Office communication and connection via GPRS

The innovative system solution is modular built up and consists of individual components that you can put together in line with your requirements.