Heating and gasoil delivery

A new era in measuring systems for heating oil vehicles – PETRO 3003 TIGER

Our unique and patented PETRO 3003 TIGER system works without any gas separator device nor specific fine filter. It allows you to use up to three pumped wet hoses and an empty hose with only one integrated metering system.

The underlying principle is easy: the complicated mechanics are replaced by an intelligent sensor. The sensor measures the proportion of air in the fuel and a turbine measures the volume of oil including air. Then the proportion of the measured air is calculated.

The straight forward design simplifies the delivery of different products with no need of pumping back and no mixing.

The MID approved TIGER is also available as an ATEX version:

  • less space
  • lower weight
  • less installation work
  • more value

PETRO 3003 TIGER – the simple and economical solution for your fuel transport demands.