Combined Bulk and Small Quantity Delivery

The most powerful system of its kind

The PETRO 3003 system for the combined delivery of bulk and small quantities is the most powerful on the market right now. The unique integration of measured direct gravity and pumped delivery in only one PETRO 3003 system simplifies operation and logistics and reduces significantly installation and maintenance.

The modularity of our PETRO 3003 system for combined bulk and small quantity delivery offers you the optimal and flexible solution for your specific application and requirements. Depending on your demands you can choose between two options:

PETRO 3003 VOLUTANK + wet hose (+ SPD + SAFE)

The measurement is done only by PETRO 3003 Volutank (dipstick) system. The dipsticks of the PETRO 3003 Volutank system are used for direct gravity delivery out of each compartment as well as for the pumped wet hose delivery.


The measurement is integrating additionally our powerful turbine meter TIGER EX. Here, the dipsticks are used mainly for the direct gravity delivery and the TIGER EX is used to measure the smaller amounts delivery through the pumped wet hose.