Aircraft Refueling

Metering, data capturing and dispatching combined in one system – PETRO 3003 Aircraft Refueling

Bartec Benke PETRO 3003 Aircraft Refueling is the highly efficient on truck equipment for aircraft refuellers and dispensers in hazardous areas combining three systems, metering, data capturing and dispatch system. It is modular built; starts up as a standard measuring unit to a complete dispatch solution. PETRO 3003 Aircraft Refueling will help to satisfy your individual demands.

PETRO 3003 Aircraft Refueling is ATEX certified, and is the officially approved measuring unit by MID (European Measurement Instrument Directive) or national authorities.

The PETRO 3003 Aircraft Refueling system can easily be extended with:

  • peripheral systems: e.g. water filter & interlock monitoring
  • electronic level measurement
  • up to four meters
  • online data capturing and dispatch system

Whether you want to optimize your resources and logistics, go for integrated e-ticketing or interactively supervise and control the refueling.