Rugged Camera for Use in Hazardous Areas

Rugged Camera for Use in Hazardous Areas

During Offshore Northern Seas exhibition (ONS) in Stavanger in August 2014, BARTEC PIXAVI presented the world’s first high-end IECEx and ATEX zone 1 certified Android smartphone for use in hazardous areas. The product is a result of a long-term partnership between Shell and BARTEC PIXAVI. BARTEC PIXAVI has designed the smartphone named “Impact X” in-house and from scratch.

There are hazardous areas in multiple industries including oil and gas, mining, chemicals and manufacturing which can be challenging for mobile workers. Shell who wanted to create an innovative solution for their mobile workers teamed with BARTEC PIXAVI, the leader within mobile devices for hazardous areas. Together, the two companies formed a joint R&D project to define a solution that would fulfill Shells standards for mobility and meet IECEx and ATEX certification specifications. The smartphone is the latest addition to the comprehensive product portfolio and an essential part of the BARTEC strategy to ‘go mobile’. The target is to lead the way and release a range of tablets, smartphones and accessories.

“Shell demanded a zone 1 certification, a certification that puts very high demands on the design of the product. We have been able to create a device that bridges the gap between consumer and industrial mobile devices. The product is ready to use right out of the box, just like a regular smartphone,” says BARTEC PIXAVI CEO Christian Rokseth. “Shell is one of the most innovative companies I have cooperated with and they are working hard to improve all aspects of their operations.”

In addition to being zone 1 and 2 ATEX and IECEx certified, the smartphone is extremely rugged and waterproof. It has a sunlight readable display with a touch sensor designed for heavy rain and for operation with gloves. The smartphone has three high-end cameras, a fast processor and double the battery capacity of a typical consumer smartphone. All these functions are essential for workers in hazardous environments. When using the Impact X smartphone, the user have access to a wide range of value adding apps and services, such as office mobility apps, inspection and maintenance apps, ERP solutions, safety systems and communication tools.

“We see this device as a potential enabler for many smart innovations within industrial mobility giving the users a versatile and powerful device to help them do their job,” adds Derek Robertson from Shell.