PLEXO TCS is a plug & socket connection, splice and end termination system for self-limiting heating cables used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Installation time and expense are substantially reduced with its patented sealing and terminal method. Maintenance work or future modifications/rebuilds on the heating circuit can be carried out very flexibly. According to the latest version of standard EN 60079-0:2009, the PLEXO TCS system is approved for a temperature range
from -60°C to +180°C.

The system can be used as a service opening in heating circuits and may be opened and closed as required, even in potentially explosive areas. Heating circuits can thus be quickly checked. This allows effective maintenance or replacement of system components also in Ex areas, without the need for additional replacement parts or wiring work. PLEXO enables direct connection of the heating cable to a supply cable to link to a remote junction box or a connection housing. Two identical heating cables can be joined to each other with a dedicated PLEXO splice plug and socket connection sleeve as a service and maintenance opening. The heating cable end termination allows easy future retrofit extensions of the heating circuit.

The PLEXO connection system consists of a plug and socket. The inside terminal technology fixes the braids of the BARTEC self-limiting heating cables or supply cables used via safe spring-loaded terminals, applying a continuously self-adaptive spring force. A sophisticated sealing system offers safe and reliable protection for electrical equipment, even against extreme environmental conditions. The sealing and strain relief were designed separately from each other to improve electrical safety.

All current types of heating cables have been temperature-tested and certified with the PLEXO after an extensive testing process. Thus, the PLEXO can be installed in Ex areas without the need for additional calculations or final inspections.