Moisture Measurement in Flue Gas for the Detection of Tube Cracks in Incineration Plants and Power Plants

Moisture Measurement in Flue Gas for the Detection of Tube Cracks in Incineration Plants and Power Plants

Advantages for the operator:

  • tube cracks are detected at an early stage even behind insulation
  • major damage of the boiler are prevented
  • availability of the boiler is increased
  • durability of the boiler is increased

Advantages for the insurance company:

  • fewer / lower damages
  • lower payments in the event of damage

Short description
HYGROPHIL-H is a humidity measuring system which works according to the “psychrometric principle” and is characterized by high precision, good reproducibility and high long-term stability, even in corrosive gas mediums. HYGROPHIL-H is certificated for the measurement of flue gas humidity in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV.), no. 13 and no. 17, and is applied in power stations, waste incineration plants and large combustion plants for the continuous measurement of flue gas humidity.

The reason for „tube cracks“
In industrial boiler systems with different types of firing (coal / gas / residual waste / sewage sludge etc.), leakages can develop on flanges and heat exchanger pipes. These leakages frequently cause tube cracks and major boiler damages. They start with minor hair cracks resulting from the thermo-mechanical influence and from the fatigue of material. Due to the high system pressures, the gas blown to neighboring pipes or boiler walls results in a kind of chain reaction which rapidly causes major boiler damages if the leakage is detected too late or isn’t detected at all. When the leakage begins to develop, there is often only a very thin jet of water or water vapor under high pressure. This jet mixes with the dust particles in the boiler and has an effect comparable to a sand blaster. If this abrasive mixture is active for a longer period of time, it can result in holes in the neighboring pipes or boiler walls. If this procedure is not prevented early enough, it causes damages with high repair costs and down-times.

Early detection of damages by means of continuous Humidity Measurement in the raw gas
Due to the reliable and extremely sensitive measuring technique applied by HYGROPHIL-H, it is possible to detect even the slightest increase of the humidity value resulting from leakages in the steam generator. Thus, the operator can take at an early stage the steps required to prevent major boiler damages. The Humidity Measurement with HYGROPHIL-H particularly allows for the early detection of leakages hidden behind insulations.
Due to the continuous, reliable and long-term stable determination of the humidity values by means of HYGROPHIL-H, the following measures taken by the operator can prevent major damage caused by steam leakages

  • Evaluate automatically the flue gas humidity in the boiler plant
  • Lower the steam load (distribution to other boiler plants)
  • Switch off the boiler plant with short-time repair