Impact X

Impact X

A failure on an oil drilling platform can quickly get expensive. Technical experts have to be flown in via helicopter, if the weather conditions allow this. These flights alone cost tens of thousands, with costs from lost production quickly running into the millions.

Looking for inventive solutions
In order to reduce these costs in the long term, Shell was looking for an innovative, ex-protected solution for video conferencing and other mobile applications. Together with BARTEC PIXAVI, the global oil giant began a joint research and development project. The result was a modern, rugged and waterproof smartphone, which is light and safe to operate and that meets not only the required specifications for explosion protection, but also all company standards for mobile devices. “For Shell, the most important thing was the certification for Ex Zone 1”, explains Christian Rosketh, CEO of BARTEC PIXAVI. “They put very high demands on the design, which we were able to successfully implement with the Impact X.”

Rugged and waterproof with a range of apps
With the Impact X, BARTEC’s Norwegian subsidiary has succeeded in convincingly closing the gap between consumer and industrial devices. As well as being certified to ATEX and IECEx standard (Zone 1 and 2), the high-end smartphone’s highlights include an aluminum case to keep it light and a touchscreen protected by 2mm-thick Gorilla Glass. It can be operated reliably in heavy rain or in direct sunlight, even if the user is wearing gloves. In terms of hardware, the Impact X also scores top marks with its three high-end cameras, fast processor and twice the battery life of a standard consumer device. Another promising feature is the large selection of software and services, including mobility, inspection and maintenance apps, ERP solutions, safety systems and communications tools. As a compact, ready-to-use solution, the phone is delivered with cloud-capable management software and the “SIPIDO” app, developed by BARTEC PIXAVI. The app can be used to solve many problems remotely via live video conferences and HD video streams.

Ready to use straight from the box
The Impact X can be safely operated with one hand and is delivered ready for use, just like a consumer device. But what does cooperation partner Shell say about the result of the joint development project? “This device could potentially clear the way for many intelligent mobile solutions for industrial environments”, explains Derek Robertson, Telecom Service Manager at Shell EP Europe, pragmatically but satisfied. “The Impact X is a versatile and powerful tool that helps the user perform their work more efficiently.”