¡Hola Francisco, Bienvenido a BARTEC!

¡Hola Francisco, Bienvenido a BARTEC!

24-year-old Francisco Moreno Garcia left his home city of Málaga in Andalusia to escape the area’s high unemployment level. At BARTEC, the young Spaniard has been given the opportunity to gain specialist qualifications and a full-time job in Germany.

2,000 km from home
Francisco would not be a true Andalusian if he didn’t miss the region’s warm sunshine just as much as his friends and family, who are now around 2,000 km away. But despite this, Francisco has made his decision. He learned a completely new language in a foreign country so that he could do his apprenticeship to become an electronics technician for devices and systems.

The dawn of a brighter future
At home, Fransisco was only able to find work on call, for which he earned only a small, irregular monthly salary. “I didn’t see any prospects for myself,” he explains in broken German. “At BARTEC, I now have the chance of a good apprenticeship and then hopefully a good job.” This training opportunity was provided to Francisco by the grant-funding programme MobiPro-EU, which he found out about from his cousin who lives in Münster in western Germany. He applied and promptly received the grant.

Living and working in Germany
Francisco shares an apartment with two other Spaniards participating in the project. “That has advantages and disadvantages,” explains his trainer Steffen Schnaufer, who took the young Spaniard under his wing from the start. “It’s obviously not very good for his German if he speaks Spanish with his flatmates. On the other hand, having this connection makes the transition easier.” There are still plenty of opportunities for Francisco to practice his language skills, and he is making significant progress. “Every day his German is getting better,” says Schnaufer of his protégé. “He’s very open minded and listens very closely whenever I explain something to him.”

Learning and laughing together
These language differences often lead to very funny situations. “We laugh a lot together and talk with our hands and feet if necessary,” explains Schnaufer, who sometimes uses the help of a digital dictionary. Aside from this, Francisco’s trainer admires the youngster’s courage and discipline. Turning up for work on time day after day forced Schnaufer to quickly drop the widespread stereotype of the unpunctual southern European worker.

The first weeks
After around a month in Bad Mergentheim, home to the BARTEC Group’s headquarters, Francisco has already started to settle in. A five-week internship and the threeday start-up programme for new apprentices gave him the opportunity to get to know both his new environment and his colleagues before his apprenticeship began. According to Steffen Schnaufer, Francisco’s charisma helped him quickly find his feet in the group, also thanks to the support of his colleagues.

Good prospects
Francisco enjoys life at BARTEC. He likes his job, the people and even the food in the canteen, even if the mealtimes are much different to Spanish habits. “I’m very happy to be here,” says the quiet, friendly and committed BARTEC apprentice.