Exchange of Cultures

Exchange of Cultures

As a sponsorship award, each year the junior managers’ sponsorship awards a internship to a high school senior from each of the three commercial high schools in the Main-Tauber-Kreis. Last year, a stay was again donated by the company BARTEC, which took on all the costs. “The internship in Barcelona – for me one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – gave me both career guidance, as well as personal enrichment,” summarized the prize recipient, Leonie Burkert.

During the internship, Leonie lived in a small, very centrally located apartment in Barcelona, which she occasionally shared with a young Argentinean woman. Every morning she took the metro to Cornella, through the industrial area to BARTEC. “I enjoyed the atmosphere in the operation and quickly got used to my new everyday life.” Her tasks consisted mainly of data transfer from SAP to CRM, updating price lists, email contact with Germany, and various other tasks. There was always plenty of variety. She and her colleagues also taught each other their respective foreign languages. Leonie had the operational procedures explained to her, and she was able to take a look into the storage area. During her stay she learned a lot about the way things worked, and the challenges of an international company, but also a lot about political and social peculiarities.

Leonie praised the openness they shared with her, whereby in lunch breaks she could talk with her colleagues both about family as well as politics, or cultural differences, and so she didn’t have the feeling she would first have to wait a few days to do so. The high school senior stressed that everyone was friendly, humorous, and enormously helpful, so that she had a good grasp of the most beautiful places in Barcelona after the first few lunch breaks, and immediately felt she was in good hands.

BARTEC has been supporting the initiative of the junior managers’ sponsorship for many years. The world leader in explosion protection sees this initiative as a commitment to the regional economy and the youth, and apart from the training, as a good investment in the future. The growing internationalism of economic life is front and centre in this respect. At the same time BARTEC wants to motivate the youth to orient themselves internationally, and to encourage them to understand different cultures. This includes not only the perfect mastery of foreign languages, but also the confrontation with other mentalities, in order to understand them.