Excellent lighting for safe working

Powerful new LED floodlights and lighting fixtures – compact, efficient and focused

Wherever the focus is on work safety, reliable and efficient lighting is extremely important. It significantly contributes to minimising the risk of errors and to increasing working precision in industries such as oil and gas, energy, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering. In every risky area, good lighting provides critical support for other important safety-related precautions, and contributes to overall safety and general wellbeing.

For a variety of diverse applications, BARTEC offers LED lighting technology for use in hazardous areas from a single source: a wide range optimised for the respective application and an extensive assortment of accessories. LED light sources are becoming increasingly important because they provide light very efficiently and are also durable and energy-saving. This also increases safety and reliability, which is essential for hazardous areas.

At Achema 2018, BARTEC presents three new LED floodlights and lighting fixtures with the designations SFLA, SFLJ, SFLP that round out the tried-and-tested products of the SFD series. The compact LED floodlights and lighting fixtures provide focused light, reduce the risk of light contamination and are virtually maintenance-free.

When comparing conventional light sources and LED floodlights or lighting fixtures, the latter technology demonstrates a clear advantage in terms of the total operating costs. LED lighting offer low energy consumption during use as well as very low maintenance costs, thanks to their long service life (when compared to conventional lighting). And they are generally unaffected by periodically switching on and off, dimming or by the use of motion sensors!

This makes them ideal for use in offshore facilities for oil and gas production or in chemical and petrochemical plants, gas production facilities as well as for illuminating pipelines. The high degree of IP66 protection qualifies them for illuminating large areas and objects with harsh environmental conditions, because the LED lights are dust-proof and resistant against strong water jets.

The LED floodlights and lighting fixtures can be designed in ignition-protection type “Ex d” as well as “Ex de”, and with a comfortable connection compartment. Depending on the application requirements, symmetrical or asymmetrical optics are possible by fitting different lenses. The high-power LED modules have a power consumption of up to max. 320W (SFLA), and have potential energy savings of 40-50%. The service life of the LED modules defined for the industry standard after 50,000 hours at an operating temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is better overall at 80%, instead of 70% of the original lumen value (luminous intensity) and thus increases the luminous efficacy, which in turn reduces costs for lighting planning and maintenance. The failure rate and deviation of the lumen value within the standardised nominal lifetime is also at a reliable level of only 10%.

For the electrical connection, M20x1.5 threaded holes are provided that accept screwed cable glands certified for explosion proof areas “Ex de.” The LED floodlights are approved for hazardous areas of Zones 2 and 22.

For wall and ceiling mounting by means of screws for medium and high suspension, the floodlights are equipped with adjustable mounting brackets. The floodlights and lighting fixtures are made of lightweight but robust die-cast aluminium, which is provided with a heat-insulating polyester powder coating, and a 4mm-thick pane of tempered glass protects the light sources.

All LED floodlights and lighting fixtures are optionally available in different colours and for SLFJ, a frosted glass lens and a vent filter are available. SFLP and SFLA DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) are optionally available with the corresponding Bi-Power ballast, which ensures intelligent lighting management.

BARTEC’s marked technology expertise, which is supported by many years of application experience, is aimed at extending the real service life, saving energy, as well as reducing maintenance costs and achieving sustainable results in the development of LED lighting.

In addition to LED floodlights and lighting fixtures, the BARTEC lighting range includes single and floodlight lighting fixtures, compact and emergency or signal lights in various designs, which extend via fluorescent tubes to LED light sources.