Dam Monitoring System for Strong Motion Monitoring

BARTEC SYSCOM has launched MR3000 DMS, its newly dedicated strong motion monitoring instrument for dams.

One of the most critical aspects to ensure safety and sustainability of all dams is the ability to measure, evaluate and take prompt actions following an earthquake impact on the dam structure itself. Therefore equipping such heavy structures with dedicated instrumentation is highly recommended to fully assess its integrity and to put in place relevant responsive actions.

MR3000 DMS is a tailor-made solution for dam monitoring, built-in a very compact and robust housing, fully protected against water ingress and using the latest and most stable MEMS sensor technology available on the market. Its integrated OVP (Over Voltage Protection), internal battery, AC/DC converter and terminals make the MR3000 DMS a perfect stand-alone unit. Nevertheless, master-slave LAN and synchronization capability through Fiber Optic lines between several monitoring units allow a vast array of motion recorders to monitor and detect any strong motions on multiple locations of the dams. In order to give access to this array, a remote monitoring can easily be configured.

The MR3000 DMS trigger recording principle is based on customizable threshold level exceedance. To entirely fulfill the vibration safety requirements for dams, automatic alarming with relays outputs or/and e-mails can easily be configured as well.

Finally, each motion recorder have its own internal SD-card for data storage, bringing redundancy and increased data reliability into a distributed network architecture.