BARTEC Accelerates Reorganisation

BARTEC Accelerates Reorganisation

After the appointment of the new CEO Dr. Thomas Lützenrath in June of this year, he now presents the new overall concept within BARTEC. In the course of the last six weeks, he had developed the overall plan already announced to the banks and employees at the beginning of his new position as a schedule for the future. This includes how and with which priorities BARTEC will be reorganised and optimised in a team effort.

The project “Optimisation of Group Organisation” relates to the clearly customer-oriented direction of the structures and processes, the development of centralized cross-divisional functions as well as the streamlining of the international subsidiaries. In parallel, the project “Restructuring of Sales Departments” aims at restructuring sales on a global scale, establishing sales support units and introducing new tools. New customer groups and markets will be targeted as well. The project “Optimisation of Operations” focuses on the concentration of production locations, their global logistics and material flow. Finally, within the scope of the “Product Optimisation” project, there are plans to improve the product portfolio, to push standardisation and modularisation and to optimise global purchasing.

In keeping with the overall concept and the four implementation projects, both the management team and the project teams have been realigned. In this context, there has been a change in management as well. Further details will follow soon.

The four implementation projects are currently underway. With this, the course has been set to make BARTEC fit for the future.