Alternative to Fluoropolymer Heating Cables in T4

Alternative to Fluoropolymer Heating Cables in T4

They share an excellent inventive talent, exemplary innovation processes and successfully build the bridge from idea to market success: The most innovative medium-size German companies. Ranga Yogeshwar presented them with the “Top 100” award on June 22 in Friedrichshafen/Germany. In 2012, BARTEC has been recognized in this group for a second time.

BARTEC has completed its portfolio of heating cables for electric trace heating: the newly developed, self-limiting MSB heating cables close the gap between the self-limiting PSB and HSB heating cables that are currently available. They are suitable for use in the T4 temperature class (94/9/EC) and are heat resistant up to 150 °C. For safety reasons, the heating cables are approved for maximum operating temperatures of +110 °C when on and +130 °C when off.

In a first for heating cables, the insulation (both protective jackets) of MSB heating cables do entirely without fluorinated plastics. They are completely halogen-free, releasing no toxic or caustic gases in a fire or after disposal. Thanks to the TPC sheathing, the heating cables are resistant to corrosion and the chemical effects of oils, lubricants and virtually all chemicals. In contrast to standard fluoropolymer heating cables, the investment costs are considerably lower in an MSB heating circuit.

In addition to the heating cables, BARTEC also offers the compatible connection technology for installing complete heating circuits certified in accordance with IEC and EN 60079-30-1. Due to the variations and combinations available with this type-tested and approved heating system, individual, on-site inspections are no longer necessary.