FAQ & Whistleblowing System

Why should I speak up? Why should I use the Whistleblowing Service?
You may be aware of behavior that endangers the BARTEC Group. You will help to detect irregularities early when using the whistleblowing service. Hence, BARTEC can act, preferably before any damage occurs. In doing so, you are making a decisive contribution to the sustainable success of BARTEC as well as helping to secure jobs.
What can be reported?
You can report via Safecall’s whistleblowing hotline practices such as:
unethical behavior, corruption, environmental issues, antitrust violations, fraud or product compliance issues.
How does it work?

There are three main ways you can contact Safecall, by Freephone telephone, through email, or by sending a report via Safecall’s website.

When you contact Safecall by telephone you will be asked by the call handler to explain your concern in as much detail as possible. During this time he or she will take notes and may ask questions based on the statement you give. Once complete, Safecall will send a written report to BARTEC’s Compliance Office. Alternatively, you can send an email to the named address. In addition, you can also use the online form provided on the Safecall website, which is available in many languages.

Can I remain anonymous?
Yes. If you do not tell Safecall who you are, they will not know your identity. Also, Safecall does not audio record any of the calls in order to help protecting the identity of anonymous callers.
Who will receive my report?
The report is initially sent to the Compliance Office of BARTEC Group. The Compliance Office examines possible violations and takes appropriate measures to detect, remediate and, if necessary, sanction the misconduct.
Do I have to fear retaliation?
BARTEC employees are protected by the Whistleblowing Policy. Retaliation against a person who has made known to the best of his knowledge an indication of a possible rule violation is strictly prohibited. However, if knowingly false or misleading information has been reported, consequences can be expected.

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