Channels for reporting misconduct

The good reputation we have gained from our customers, shareholders and business partners, from our employees and from the public, can be seriously damaged by individual violations. Therefore, reliable reporting channels are essential for effective compliance. They help to report possible misconduct and possible violations can be thoroughly investigated and clarified.

In order to gain knowledge of possible violations, we provide various reporting channels for this purpose. BARTEC employees can report violations directly to their line managers or to senior management. Of course, our BARTEC Compliance Office will be happy to assist you. You can also report violations to “Safecall”, if wish you remain anonymous.

  • Senior Management

    Please, report possible violations directly to line managers or to senior management.

  • Compliance Office

    BARTEC Compliance Office will be happy to assist you personally, by telephone (+49 7931 597 0) or at compliance@bartec.de for reporting purposes.

  • Whistleblowing Service

    Acting responsibly means acting in a lawful and ethically correct manner. The BARTEC Group is always aiming to justify the confidence customers, business partners, shareholders and employees as well as other stakeholders have placed in us. Integrity and transparency of our business processes have the highest priority.
    It is therefore necessary for the BARTEC Group to become aware of serious misconduct.

    The compliance whistleblowing system operated by Safecall is a secure reporting channel for indications of possible violations. Safecall is a completely independent company that operates a confidential whistleblowing hotline for many global businesses and it is available 24/7. It is staffed by highly skilled professional call handlers. Calls are free of charge. You can remain anonymous, if you wish.

    The Safecall whistleblowing line is available to BARTEC employees and executives, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of our company. Data will be stored according to the legal provisions on protected servers. It is important to emphasize that the Compliance Office of the BARTEC Group exclusively handles all reports.

    BARTEC internal whistleblowers are protected by special regulations that protect whistleblowers who make reports in good faith and to the best of their knowledge. Please be aware that intentional reporting of false information is prohibited by law in many countries.

More information regarding whistleblower reports is available on the Safecall homepage.
Safecall is available by following this link.

FAQ & Whistleblowing Service